Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just Thinking About Sewing

Do you suppose that counts as a sewing related activity?

In view of the fact that I spent far too much time sewing yesterday, I'm taking a break today. I'm so close to finishing that I know I wouldn't stop until I was finished, and I can't afford the time today. So I've spent some time thinking about the best way to fit sewing into my schedule. It's making my head hurt.

On a completely unrelated topic, some adorable dark-eyed juncos have taken up housekeeping under the eaves of our house. My daughter and I are thrilled, as juncos are among our favorites of the birds that frequent our yard. If the weather is decent tomorrow, I'll try to get a picture of the nest. I must say that by comparison with Mr. and Mrs. Junco, we keep a pretty tidy home.

That's Mrs. Junco on the top, by the way, and Mr. Junco on the bottom. For those of you east of the Rockies, I'll just point out that our western Juncos differ from the ones you see by having a white band on either side of the tail. It's not that noticeable on the females, but it's quite striking on the males.


CharityinAlaska said...

We get those here in Alaska as well, Paula. I love bird-watching and keep binoculars and an Alaskan field guide in the cupboard near our deck (with its feeders). I used to get a large variety, but since adding three cats to the household, don't get as many as we used to... :(

Paula said...

I keep my binocs and bird book right out on the side table in the living room! My daughters think I'm a geek.

Dawn said...

Oh boy, another similarity we share. My son and I practice "being like a junco" on the living room carpet. You jump forward and then drag your feet on the floor like you are searching for food. I used to have a field guide next to the window but the little assistants were too "helpful" and so I moved the book and binoculars to higher ground.

Bunny said...

This is too much. I have the binocs and bird book very close at hand at all times also. We are both big bird watchers. Your juncos are different from ours. Ours are all greyish black, totally. We also call them snowbirds. In NH we would see them all winter pecking at the snow. Way up here in NY, they get the heck out before our nasty winters set in!