Saturday, May 17, 2008

30/30 - Day 2

My apologies for no 30/30 update yesterday. After cooling my heels all day at the hospital, I was beat. Tell me, why is sitting around doing nothing so exhausting?

I did manage to get in my 30 minutes, though. I finished drawing up my pattern (the pattern is far too simple to dignify my process by calling it drafting). In addition to the pattern pieces here, I'll be cutting about a two inch gusset to give the bottom of the bag some depth. I'll also be using a fairly stiff interfacing as my daughter wants the bag to have some body, but not be stiff.

I also got the fabrics pressed, with my timer buzzing just as I finished up the last piece. I am a little concerned about the piece on the far right. These fabrics were purchased as a bundle of fat quarters and unfortunately even after some fairly conscientious pressing, I can see fold marks in the fabric.


Anonymous said...

If the fabric will tolerate moisture without water spotting, you could always try a spray of a small amount of white vinegar in the water then press - it sets hems but also gets rid of fold lines where you don't want them, in my experience. Try somewhere small first!

Paula said...

Thanks, I'll test it and see what happens.

Marita said...

Those fabrics look great:-)

Bunny said...

Are those polies? If so I have used two of them in my bagmaking. A few hints:Use a press cloth while fusing. I found this fabric shrunk unevenly during the fuse. I got around this by holding the iron about an inch over the fabric and steaming away. You will see it shrink before your eyes. Then I put down the interfacing and fused. And yes, it is wicked ravelly. Your bag looks like it will be gorgeous with that color scheme. Can't wait to see the end result.