Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Heavy Sigh, Retracted

My beautiful oldest daughter, Rebecca, happened to read my Heavy Sigh blog post and was so upset. She, of course, had no idea that her comment about being able to tell my blouse was home sewn could be considered uncomplimentary so of course had no idea that my feelings were hurt.

After a flurry of text messages and a phone call, we got it all sorted out. I now know that she could tell I had made the blouse because it was "so me" and the buttons were like nothing you would see on a RTW tailored blouse. She now knows that home sewn isn't always a compliment. But I especially need to know if something looks home sewn in a bad way - and, most importantly, why it looks that way.

Just to set the record straight, I have a pretty amazing relationship with all my daughters. None of them would ever intentionally say anything to hurt my feelings, nor have they ever been button pushers. It was because we have such a great relationship that I couldn't shake off the blouse comment. If it had occurred to me, even for an instant, that she was just yanking my chain, I could have shrugged it off. It's precisely because I knew she would never do that, that it was so disturbing.

Becky's embarking on a new adventure...to become a registered nurse. She's going to be blogging about her experiences on her new blog, Becky Hartman, Professional Student. She doesn't have anything posted yet, but stop by in a few days to get to know her better.


When Ladies Dressed said...

I think we become so passionate about our projects, it's easy to forget that a comment such as your daughter's was a compliment. There are a lot of tips out there advising us "how to make you clothes NOT look homemade" the comment makes us panic! LOL I always ask my husband if my things look homemade or not. I think we those close to us, it's their way of showing interest in support in something they know we love! I propose a toast to all of our wonderful handmade things, especially your blouse!

CharityinAlaska said...

I'll pass your daughter's blog on to my MIL. She is a just retired ER Triage nurse. She loved being an RN and her school years in particular. She'd probably appreciate the vicarious trip down memory lane.


Anna said...

Paula, I am so glad you and your daughter got the problem cleared up.

I have been thinking a lot about your post. I thought it was so sad that it should be taken as bad thing that the blouse could be recognized as homemade. Especially when, judging from the close-ups at PR, it was the superior details that singled it out as homemade.

It has really made me thing about homemade versus RTW. Do you know, half of the times people ask me if a piece of clothing is homemade, it is actually RTW? Because they know I sew a lot, they think anything I wear that look a little out of the ordinary must be homemade.