Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Change of Plans

I won't be getting my 30 minutes of sewing in first thing in the morning tomorrow; I'm going to have to fit it in sometime later in the day. Instead, I'll be taking my dad to the hospital for surgery to have a small tumor removed. The surgery itself isn't major, but he is, after all, nearly 82 years old and takes various blood thinners and cholesterol medications so it's not without risk. If you're the praying kind, please remember my dad in your prayers tomorrow. I've stocked up on new sewing magazines and a book to pass the time while I wait. I might take my computer...I think the hospital has free wi-fi.

I have semi-committed myself to Marji's Great Coat Sew-Along. It doesn't start until July, so the 30/30 project will be complete (unless, of course, it works out so well that I continue it) and there's plenty of time to purchase fabric and other supplies. I happen to have a coat pattern in my stash, Vogue 8346. I want the coat to wear with jeans (and trousers, if I ever get around to making any) so probably a little bit shorter than the red one shown on the envelope. And probably in gray. Or maybe in red. Who knows, I have a little bit of time to decide.


Bunny said...

Great coat! Do you have your fabric yet?

Anonymous said...

Sure thing. Prayers from here for your dad (and you) tomorrow! What time??? (My dad is about the same age...)

Enjoy those magazines! Email me if you have your laptop along!

What sort of fabric will you be using for your coat? I had a wool coat very similar to your pattern when I was in college, but I'm no longer able to wear (or sew) wool. :(

Dawn said...

I really like that dark brown tweedy-looking one in the back. I like that length too.

Lindsay T said...

Ommm...Ommm... Still sending positive thoughts your way, today for your dad.

Cathy said...

Good luck with your Dad's surgery today.

I'm very interested in the 30 min sewing project. I really need to try that, too.

Pyrose said...

I will pray for your dad. I hope the surgery goes well.

Marji said...

How did it all go with your dad?
I'll send good thoughts along too for quick recovery.
I can really see how a steely or silvery grey would go beautifully with your coloring.
You do have time.
I'm going to put up info beginning in June on making a fitting muslin, so that come July everyone is pretty much ready to start construction.