Saturday, May 10, 2008

How Cute Is That?

Don't you think I'd better stop patting myself on the back before I wrench my shoulder or something? But really, is this too cute or what?

No matter how cute this tunic is, though, right now I'm seriously doubting that Burda World of Fashion and I are going to be able to maintain a long-term relationship. I mean, if you can't communicate, what kind of a future can you have together? This little top, #140, from the April, 2008, issue has two pattern pieces plus ties and no closures and I struggled to put it together. You can read about my troubles in my review if you're interested.

A few details.

The completed top.

Some more hemstitching. I wanted a more subtle look on this top than on this dress. I still used the wing needle and embroidery thread on top, but rather than embroidery bobbin thread I used regular machine sewing thread in the bobbin so that the holes made by the wing needle would be more filled in.

ETA: Thanks to a comment made by Debbie Cook on my review, I figured out how the pattern was actually supposed to go together. My review has been edited to reflect that. Thanks, Debbie!


CharityinAlaska said...

Give your arm a rest, Paula. I'll be happy to pat you on the back for awhile. That is totally adorable and will be so cute and breezy for summer. Can't wait until I have a grandaughter (are you tired of hearing that yet?)!!

Paula said...

No, you can whine here all you want! ;-)

And it looks like I'm holding at one bun is another boy.

Dawn said...

That outfit is super duper cute. Yes Burda is hard to understand but their patterns are so cuuuuute. I like them because they are unique, interesting, and usually have more RTW details than your average Simplicity/Butterick/Vogue pattern.

My husband got a subscription for Mother's Day. He rocks. Wooo woooo!

Pyrose said...

You deserve many pats on the back. The outfit is so cute and you sewed it up so well. Sewing for little girls is so much fun.