Friday, June 20, 2008

Something Simple and a Confession

I took a break from work, family responsibilities and my daughter's Maggy London dress and sewed something quick and easy: another skirt for Charity's Hundred Skirts Project. I've sewn a grand total of two with five remaining to fulfill my pledge.

Let me present to you "Daisy Chain." This skirt utilized the remnants from the BWOF tunic I made for my granddaughter.

I modified the pattern ever so slightly from the one I used to make Animal Farm, chiefly by lengthening it to compensate for the lack of ruffle and by making the casing wider to make it "just a little" easier to insert the elastic.

Daisy Chain's unique design elements are an attched tie belt, pocket with hemstitching and button details and a "daisy chain" hem.

Here's a view of the daisy chain hemstitching. Although the hemstitching takes time, it's really an easy way to finish a hem.

Extreme closeup of the hemstitching.

Backside of the hem with the fabric trimmed close to the hemstitching.

Pocket detail.

Extreme closeup of the hemstitching on the pocket.

Here's the back side of the tie belt. I would have preferred to be able to make the belt two-sided but I didn't have enough fabric. My results with my rolled hem foot continue to improve.

Now for the confession. I did not use my serger to construct this skirt (hanging my head in shame). I wanted something quick and easy and that did not include wrestling my serger into a usable location and re-threading it with appropriately colored thread. Maybe next time (evil grin).


Marita said...

Paula, that skirt is lovely:-) I won't spank you for not using your serger, LOL!!!
How is that dress coming along?

Paula said...

I'm pretty'd might have a tough time trying to spank me! I have the pattern pieces redrawn for the dress based on the first fitting. She's coming over on Sunday to try it again.

Rhoto said...

Paula, is that daisy hemming done by hand??
Cute skirt!!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

Dawn said...

That skirt is very cute. I love that hemstitching. Seeing things like that make me sometimes wish my machine had more than just the basics. I like that pocket too.

Bunny said...

It's great to hear that you even thought about using the serger. This is a step in the right direction, girl! I wish I was close by. We would get that baby fired up and have you whizzing on it like wildfire before you know it! LOL!
The skirt is darling and your daisy hemstitching a wonderful treatment for the hem. You prove that getting to know your machine and its abilities can really give you more design options. Great design and great generosity!

CharityinAlaska said...

Totally adorable! What a lovely detail the daisy hemstitching is. That must have taken forever! This is sweet and cheerful. I know it will be much loved. :)