Saturday, June 14, 2008

Something New

A new technique for me today...I inserted my first invisible zipper. My daughter bought a strapless dress at Value Village. It was in really good condition except that the invisible zipper was broken. Hey! No problem! And it wasn't a problem, it was easy-peasy!

Easy, that is, once I figured out how to attach the zipper foot to my sewing machine. Even with my glasses, print on the package was so tiny, I needed my magnifying glass to read it. Then they expected me to have arcane knowledge of my sewing machine: long shank* or short? How am I supposed to know? It certainly doesn't say in my manual. How do those pieces fit together? How do I attach them to my sewing machine? Aaaack!

Then, once I deciphered the insertion instructions on the package, piece of cake! Except - oops! - I sewed the zipper to the outside of the dress. So it was back to those instructions, where I realized I'd overlooked a key piece of information the first time.

So I tried again, and it worked like a charm...the zipper is on the inside of the dress, where it belongs! If you're interested, she plans on wearing the dress like a jumper, over a thin, white t-shirt.

*Long shank, haha! This reminds me of the evil villain in my favorite movie, Braveheart - Edward Longshanks. Don't you all think Mel looks really good in blue?


2BSewing: said...

Congrats on your first invisible zipper! You did an excellent job. Can I ask what brand of zipper foot you used? I can see why your magnifying glass came in handy...I'm having a hard time seeing the brand on your package. lol!

Rhoto said...

Paula, isn't the tabby thingy supposed to be on the outside of the outfit?? So you can close the zipper from the outside?? ... ...

Paula said...

Haha, Rhonda, very funny! You can imagine that maybe I tossed around a few naughty words when I saw what I'd done.

2Bsewing, it's Coats brand. Isn't that packaging absurd? I'm sure no one can read that unaided!