Sunday, June 1, 2008

I Hate To-Do Lists

Because I feel like such a failure when I don't complete all the items. Take yesterday's to-do list, which I posted for the current meme:

Finish the purse for Daughter #3;
Trace off a pattern for Daughter #1;
Yard work;
Watch There Will Be Blood;
Paid work (three files)

You'll notice that only two of the items are crossed off my list - and in all fairness, the yard work isn't actually done (it never is in our yard); crossing it off the list just signifies that I did some yard work.

Enter the reason for my failure: a cotton rib knit I picked up on sale for $2.50 a yard at Hancock's last weekend. I know, I's a cheap piece of fabric, but the print called out to me. It's vaguely reminiscent of Celtic knots and I am a sucker for all things Celtic.

So rather than move on to the next items on the list after I finished the brocade bag, I spent the rest of my evening contemplating my next move with this fabric.

Amazingly enough, I have a pattern designed for knit fabrics! How did that happen? It's Sandra Betzina's oft-reviewed Vogue 8151, and my musings focued on whether or not the knit is soft enough for the wrap version or should I stick with the plain version, as I intend to actually use my serger (Charity, are you listening???)!


Marita said...

that print is very lovely. when you start using your serger, remember to rehearse on scraps before starting with the actual shirt, you may want to change some settings, like stitchlength etc. perfect the stich with scraps and then dig in.

OP Gal said...

I vote for the plain tee version. If I remember correctly, a lot of the reviews of the wrapped version of this pattern said they weren't happy with that view. I don't think this wrap is as flattering as, say, the Jalie. I've fine tuned the plain version and really like it. The dart does wonders.

Paula said...

Sondra, thanks for your opinion. I was leaning towards the plain version anyway, as I thought the print might be too busy for the ruching? shirring? Whatever it is.

I've got to try some Jalie patterns. There's a Christine Jonson I want, too. Maybe I'll learn to like sewing with knits after all.