Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Mother of Invention

You know the old saying about necessity being the mother of invention and at my house today, that really is the case. You may think this is a picture of a lowly piece of crochet cotton and a tapestry needle; in reality, it's a highly effective, albeit not particularly user-friendly, tube turner.

There's nothing like being in the middle of a project and finding you don't have a tool you need to maintain forward momentum to get your thinking cap warmed up. In my case, I had four skinny tubes to turn in order to make spaghetti straps for a dress. AK over at PatternReview suggested serging a long thread chain before stitching the seam. That wouldn't work for me; I have had a serger for the last 10 or 12 years, but I don't believe I've ever used it for anything other than practice. Anyway, the thread chain gave me this idea and it was off to the races.


Birgitte said...

That's the way I do it too, if the tube is too small for a safety pin. Congrats on the three columns- your blog looks super!

Kat said...

A while back I was cussing to myself about turning a spaghetti strap, then I just decided the heck with it. I'm cutting out the width of the spaghetti strap plus about an extra 1/2" to allow for 1/4" to be cut off on each side for a serged, rolled hem with a decorative thread, preferably a shiny one like (I think it's called) Candlelight or Design 6. Doing that has saved me from a couple of spaghetti strap headaches. No fuss, no headache, just a nice spaghetti strap will a RTW look of a rolled hem on each side.

Bunny said...

That's how Claire Schaeffer describes tube turning for spaghetti straps in the latest Vogue pattern mag. Great article.

CharityinAlaska said...

Girl, your Serger Avoidance Days are coming to an end. As soon as I get this party and sewing bee behind me, I'm challenging you to a serge-off on the Techniques Sew-Along thread! So dust off your users manual.


PS - Thanks for the kind words about Copper. Much appreciated.

Sherril said...

Whatever works, and it sounds like your invention worked. I like the three-column wide look of your blog. Congratulations on getting it done. It's too advanced for me to do, for this week at least.