Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Disappointing Project

I hate it, hate it, hate it when a pattern disappoints. You've spent time - not to mention money - carefully matching fabric and pattern and anticipation is high. Then, as work progresses, there's something, or a series of somethings and you find yourself disenchanted the the project.

Simplicity 4721 has certainly become a disappointment. I'll finish the dress, one way or another and I'm sure that my granddaughter will like it and wear it. But it's the sort of thing for which I would constantly feel as though I needed to apologize.

My dissatisfaction is related to the contrast band near the hem of the dress. When I purchased the pattern, my assumption was that the band was pieced in. When I began cutting fabric, I realized that, rather than being pieced, the white band is appliqued onto the skirt.

Okay, that was a little disappointing and seemed like kind of a cheesy way to do it, but I sucked it up and proceeded. Then, as I was getting ready to turn under the seam allowances on the band, it occurred to me that my white fabric was kind of thin, and, Hey! the print from the main fabric might show through. Which, of course, it did. And actually looked worse, to my way of thinking, with the seam allowance turned under.

But since I was filled with the sewing mojo, I decided just to cut another band, sew the two together and turn the whole shebang right side. It seemed like it would eliminate the show through AND finish the edges at the same time. So I tried it and that's where I sit right now. The band still isn't opaque enough to keep the base fabric from showing through, you can still see the seam allowances as whiter than the rest of the band, and it's so thick, I think it will look like an afterthought and possibly weigh it down.

I've considered several options, but at this point I believe I'll replace the contrast band with two rows of super colossal, jumbo rick rack. I think it will look just as cute and there won't be any show through


Tamara said...

The rick rack will be very cute. I love the huge stuff. Your granddaughter will not know the difference. She is just going to love it!

Marita said...

I think the rick rack will be very good:-) I love that dragonfly fabric and the youg lady will be thrilled to receive sothing you have made yourself.

Have you ever thought about using cottonpique, if it's of good quality it's really nice "garnishing" fabric, also cottonsatin, but it's slightly more see thru than pique, grosgrain, petersham are also good choises, grosgrain looks really nice and can be pretty well shaped too.

Paula said...

The dragonfly fabric is pretty lightweight and I'm afraid that a heavier fabric will weigh it down. I'm happy with the rick rack idea. I know she will be, too.

Kat said...

Maybe even consider putting the rick rack on the seam allowance area? That will disguise the SA show through. Or even a decorative stitch on the SA.

About two years ago I made a dress out of velvet and ironed the CF seam. I got the dreaded seam imprint. Then I had to decide how I was going to disguise it and decided on using hot-fix crystals. The dress was year later LOL! I don't like it when these things happen and hold up a project.

Lindsay T said...

Hey, your blog looks great! Love the three columns. How much time do you think it took? Are you up for posting a tutorial?

Birgitte said...

I'm with you on the ric rac. Sometimes 'a problem' turns into a wonderful design element.

I agree with Lindsay T; your blog looks so good!

Dawn said...

Ribbon is cute too. I would put rick-rack on everything if my husband would let me out of the house in it.

CharityinAlaska said...

I think I like the rick-rack idea even better than the contrast band. The fabric is very whimsical and bright. Rick-rack will capture that spirit wonderfully.


Paula said...

Hey, everybody, thanks for your input. Got to love those unexpected "design opportunities!"

My youngest daughter and I were talking about it today, and we both think the rick rack will be cuter than the contrast band, too.

I'm still ticked off about the pattern, though, as I think the photos are misleading. I'll save it for my review.

When Ladies Dressed said...

That fabric is gorgeous Paula!

You know, we've all been there with the disappointment in a project. The good news is, nobody will know what you originally had in mind. The dress will still look stunning and sometimes these little glitches surprise and turn out even better! I look forward to seeing the dress when you're finished!

Bunny said...

The ricrac sounds like a wonderful solution. One other option would be to pinstitch the band and then cut the back away so there is no show thru. Just a thought. Carol Ahles book has all the info you need on this one. I have a feeling you checked that book out already!
The blog looks great!

Paula said...

Bunny...that is a fantastic idea. You are a genius! I was going to take that book back to the library today but instead I just renewed it. I'm definitely going to practice on some curves and see if I think I can do it well enough to try it on an actual garment.