Sunday, April 20, 2008

More About Croquis

I picked up the Spring, 2008 issue of Sew Stylish at my local Barnes & Noble yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to see, on Page 19, "Design by Proportion; Figure-flattering garments are just a sketch away," which is an article on...croquis! The article includes instructions for making your own croquis and how to use it to choose patterns that will be flattering to your figure.

The actual text portion of the article is quite short, just 2/3 of a page (and part of that is a rather large headline), but the remainder of the article is lot of pictures showing how make your own croquis and how to use it to try out different silhouettes on your body shape. The illustrations include detailed captions.

If you have considered making your own croquis, I highly recommend picking up a copy of this magazine to help you get started.


Tamara said...

Your croquis is what got me thinking about making my own. I love this article too. I had no idea how simple these are to make.

Dana said...

I picked up my issue on Sunday too. So glad to see more garment sewing information. I was especially excited about the draping articles but found the croquis article interesting too.

Paula said...

I think the draping articles would be a lot more interesting to me if I had a dress form. It's still interesting, but right now it's in the same category as odd facts about Zimbabwe...they may be interesting but not immediately useful.

CharityinAlaska said...

I had to go pick this up on your recommendation, Paula. This is an exceptionally good issue on the whole. The articles on draping are wonderful.