Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mini-Wardrobe: Part Two - The Bottoms

Deciding on bottoms is ever so much more difficult than deciding on tops. Pretty much all of my experience in sewing for myself has been with blouses and dresses. Searching through the mists of memory, I believe I made a skirt for myself one time that was wearable, but I have definitely never sewn pants for myself. I've never even attempted it, faintheart that I am.

I am pretty sure about Butterick 4233, View A, which is shown in the lower, right-hand corner. I will, of course, be making it in the longest length, just above my ankles. I think I will probably make it from the same red rayon challis that I'm considering for Butterick 2818. I don't actually have this fabric yet, but hope to acquire it come payday!

For my second piece, I'm torn between Butterick 4136, a very basic skirt. Or Burda 7944, an extremely cute pair of trousers. I'm attracted to the Burda mainly because of the high waist. As I'm so long waisted with such short legs, I'm looking for a little longer line than you get with low rise pants. I'm not sure why...I always wear my shirts untucked. I guess this way, I'll feel like I have the option to tuck if I choose to. Either way, the second piece will be made of black linen.

Now interestingly enough, there's a third part to my wardrobe. The pieces are not/will not be part of the Mini-Wardrobe contest, but they will an integral part of the wardrobe. Details forthcoming.


Kat said...

Those are two lovely skirt patterns! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Marji said...

are you going to make a muslin or test garment before the wardrobe contest?
skirts of course are easier than pants, but both are pretty easy and straightforward with good directions. If you run into problems, give a yell (or email). ;)

Paula said...

Will I be making muslins...I hope so. If I don't have time to make muslins in April, I definitely will not be entering the mini-wardrobe contest. I am way to slow and timid a sewist to do otherwise. Too many complete wadders in my past.

Don't fear, I'm really good at hollering for help if I need it!

When Ladies Dressed said...

Oh Paula - I agree about pants. I've never made a proper pair yet, only costumey types. I too am a dress and skirt person, and the love patterns! - Kellie