Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Lengths We'll Go To

This is some silver foiled, black linen that I've been wanting.

I first saw it at the Joann Fabrics nearest my home. I fell in love with this fabric. I didn't buy it at the time and Friday, when I finally made it to back Joann to purchase it, of course it was gone.

So yesterday I called another Joann to see if they had the fabric in stock. I was put on hold and no one ever picked my call back up. I hung up and called back...the line was busy. I tried every five minutes for half an hour but never got through again.

I really wanted this fabric, so I decided to make a special trip to Joann just in case they happened to have it in stock - a 45 minute drive one way during rush hour traffic. I was almost there, less than 200 yards aways, so close I could almost smell the sizing in the fabric. I stopped by my bank to withdraw enough cash from the ATM to purchase the fabric...and realized that I had left my ATM card at home. I returned home empty handed again.

This afternoon, armed with my ATM card, I made the drive again. I pulled up to the ATM at my bank was temporarily out of service. Undaunted, I dashed into the nearest Safeway, used the ATM, and continued on to Joann. And they had the fabric!

Finally, success. I'll be using the fabric to make this Butterick 4991, View A, hopefully as part of the Mini-Wardrobe contest on


CharityinAlaska said...

Oh gosh that would be frustrating! I live in a town with little shopping and often have to drive an hour one-way to get what I need - so I can totally identify. I don't think I've seen this fabric at our JoAnn's? I look forward to following your progress with it. I LOVE the pattern.


Paula said...

Charity, thank God someone likes it besides me. My daughters hate it. But that could be because they're just used to seeing me in jeans and t-shirts!

Anonymous said...

That jacket is going to be fabulous in that linen. I think you have a perfect pairing there. I can't wait to see it.