Friday, March 7, 2008

Friendly Competition

I love the contests on They encourage you try new techniques, challenge your self-imposed limits and shame you into actually finishing your projects. But even as important as those things are, the best thing about participating in a contest is the easy camaraderie that develops amongst the contestants. No matter what obstacles you encounter or how discouraged you may become, there’s always someone there with an answer or an encouraging word. It’s a virtual sewing circle.

My first contest was the Ready-to-Wear Knock-off contest, for which I copied a pair of Bensoni shorts. (Review of Simplicity 3849) How cool is it to be able to own a reasonable copy of a pair of $195 shorts...for only about $35? By the way, in case you're wondering, the tush in the photo is courtesy of my 16 year old daughter.

Currently I’m participating in the Fitted Blouse contest. I’ll be making McCall’s 3340 (Review of McCall's 3340), an armhole princess blouse that I'll be making in a tunic length with long sleeves. I’ve made this blouse before, so most all of the fitting issues are resolved. It sort of feels like cheating to use a TNT pattern, but the contest only runs four weeks and I am a very slow sewist.

My intention was to use a white linen-rayon blend in almost a handkerchief weight for the blouse, but after washing the fabric, I felt as though it might be just a little too sheer for me. Rather than select a different fabric, I’ve decided to underline the body of the blouse with cotton batiste. Even so, I may need a cami underneath.

I have a couple of ideas for new techniques to try; hemstitching and faggoting. I’m not sure if I will actually use either. It will depend on time constraints and whether or not I can figure out how to achieve the look I want with Lily.


Dawn said...

I say, enter it in the fitted blouse contest. I entered mine and only had to do minor tweaking. I don't think if it as cheating. I just needed some motivation to finally do it.

Lindsay T said...

Hi Paula from LindsayT. I'm visiting everyone who responded to that thread I started on PR about blogs. My 15-yr-old daughter would love these shorts. Very cute. I've added you to my links list.

Paula said...

Dawn, I will definitely be entering the blouse (provided I can finish it!). I may not have time for the embellishments, though.

Lindasy, thanks for dropping by. It's still a while until shorts weather for us (like mid-July, maybe) so my DD hasn't worn them yet. We'll see how she likes wearing them, they're a bit of a stretch style-wise for her.

Marita said...

Hey Paula,
those shorts are TDF, just great!!!!gorgeous fabric. Your blouse has a very good fit, congrats!

nancy2001 said...

Paula, those shorts looks fabulous. You sew beautifully.

Kat said...

I think it's great that you entered. I, too, am a very slow sewer. In fact, I was thinking about entering the wool contest but had half my pieces already cut so I couldn't. But it took me a month to finally get it done with block fusing and nit-picky stuff. I can't ever imagine doing a SWAP contest. There just aren't enough hours in a day.

So good for you on entering the contests. You have my admiration! :)