Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Princess Dress

I got a phone call from my granddaughter the other day (yes, the same one who was the happy recipient of the BWOF ensemble and the dragonfly dress) asking for a princess dress. I am only too happy to oblige.

The dress will be for playing dress-up, I assume, so it's no holds barred, nothing is too far over the top! Yeah! What you see here are my preliminary sketches. I've gone ahead and designed it as sleeveless, but I'm asking my daughter for permission to go with spaghetti straps close as I want to get to strapless for a five year old (so I guess not every hold is barred). If I don't get the go ahead for spaghetti straps, I'll have to decide between the armhole with and the armhole without the ruffle.
No fabric has yet been chosen, but the color will, of course, be pink!


Lindsay T said...

Cute! This reminds me to get my DD going on what she wants me to make her for a Halloween costume this year. Last year I was sewing like a madwoman on 10/30. Not this year baby!

Marita said...

I love your sketches, it will look very royal and proper for all kinds of fancy dress-up parties:-)

designdreamer said...

Looks adorable. I actually like it with sleeves.
I was just browsing the Simplicity site here with dd, for her Halloween costume - a girl pirate . She's 12, and the youngest. Next youngest is 17 and an extreme POTC (Pirates of the Carribean) fan, and is jealous. I told her I'd make one for her also, but I need advance notice.
Youngest is kind of on the cusp of girls/junior sizes and last night when we/she found the pattern, I told her that I wasn't sure if I'd be able to use that pattern, as it only goes to size 14, so she decided to try a tie bo (sp?) exercise tape to try to loose weight -- too cute!

Quiteria said...

That is cute--I was just going to post on PR that those were my favorite elements of the site you linked, the bows and the layered underskirt. I agree with the pp that it looks cute with sleeves. My favorite would be the view that looks like a tank top strap but has a ruffle stiched on to cover the shoulder; I have no idea what the correct term is. Cap sleeve?

Alex said...

Hi, thanks for your cute draft, I like the model.
I need to sew princess dress for my daughter for purim, so it comes in handy.