Friday, February 16, 2018

Old Jeans, How Do I Love Thee?

Check out that embroidery!
Seriously, the lengths some of us will go to in order to save a favorite pair of jeans.

I have short legs; so short that I usually need shorten even "Short" jeans. Sometimes I don't bother, though, and eventually, I walk off the hems in the back. Usually I just shrug it off and buy new jeans, but some jeans just aren't replaceable.

Like these 2007 vintage Eddie Bauer embroidered jeans. Yes, I have had these jeans for almost 11 years. They just don't make them like this anymore! These were made before everyone switched to stretch denim, so they feel like real jeans. And there's bonus embroidery!

For those of you gifted with longer legs, who have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about when I say I walk the hems off, let me show you.

These aren't my favorite jeans.
These jeans are undeserving of salvation.
But my favorite jeans looked just this bad.

That's what a hem looks like after you've worn your too-long jeans for a couple of years. It seems like it would be impossible to save them, right?


If I were going to repair that hem on my non-favorite jeans, what I would do - what I did, in fact, do to re-hem my favorite jeans - would be to cut off the entire old hem leaving as much length as possible. You only need about 1/8" of relatively undamaged fabric for the "hem" to make this work.

After the old hem is cut off, unfold one side of some double-fold bias tape and apply it to the hem edge. (On the right side, Paula. The RIGHT SIDE.) Fold the bias tape to the wrong side, press it, and stitch it in place. I hand stitched mine first, because I never trust my ability to catch the bias tape when stitching from the other side.

And the finished hem looks like this!

My favorite jeans, neatly hemmed again!

Hopefully these will last another 11 years.


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