Monday, May 27, 2013

Adding to the Pattern Stash, Dress Edition

You can never have too many, right?

I don't work outside the home and my everyday attire is jeans and t-shirts, which suits the kinds of things I usually do, like housework and gardening. Unfortunately, this generally isn't what I want to sew. As I commented in a thread over at Pattern Review, I want to sew dresses, darn it! And so I hit the pattern sales at Hancock's and JoAnn last week.

And here are the latest additions.

Simplicity 2248
Simplicity 2886
Simplicity 1800
Simplicity 2249 (Yes, I realize this looks like a shapeless sack, even on the model, but it had a '30s farm wife vibe that I couldn't resist. I can see myself working in the garden wearing this dress.)

McCall's 6322 (Yes, I realize this looks too young even for my youngest daughter, but it's an a-line dress, for crying out loud. It's all in the fabric choice, right? RIGHT?)


The next two were impulse purchases.
Butterick 5745
Butterick 5751 (Yes, I realize now that this dress is designed for two-way stretch knits, but I didn't know that when I bought it. That's what I get for making an impulse purchase.)

I also picked up this dress; not sure why because it's 95% certain I will never make it. But...I love it so much.
McCall's 6279

So there you have it. Now let's see if anything comes of the dress fever.


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Anonymous said...

I LOVED this pattern, but it runs a bit short and you have to have REALLY wide shoulders to wear it. I added my usual 4 inches to the length (I'm 6' tall) and it still hits above my knees. I also have VERY wide shoulders so the straps keep slipping down.