Saturday, July 16, 2011

Adding to the Pattern Stash

Because you can never have enough, right?

Simplicity patterns were on sale at Joann today for $1.99 so of course I had to make a special trip to pick up a few items from my wish list.

I picked up six patterns for $11.94, a savings of $87.76 off retail. Not that anyone actually pays the marked price, do they? I don't think so. I hope not.

Of the six patterns, four are for jackets or coats.

S2150: I've been lusting after this one since I first saw it last month. I like View A, the denim jacket.

S2508: The white one is awfully similar to a coat my daughter's been wanting.

S2560: Oh, won't I just be the trendsetter in this one!

S2341: I have BIG PLANS for this one. More on that another time.

The other two patterns are for tops.



Two of the patterns - 2560 and 2364 - call for knits, which is pretty unusual for me. I really need to get over the fear of my serger and I love these two patterns enough that they just might motivate me to do that.


D.Baldwin said...

Very cool... I need to make a page..:)

Anonymous said...

I have S2560 and plan to sew it up within the next few days. I have already picked the fabric for it. I also have S2508 but don't have any plans for it yet. I just really liked the look of the corduroy jacket. :)

Paula Gardner said...

Gelbean, I'll be watching for your review of 2560.